ScanImage002You might be amazed by my ability to remember this night considering the amount of money my girls spent on Crown Royal that night.  There is not enough alcohol in the world to forget how perfectly blessed I feel to be surrounded by these EPIC women, even ten years later.  This is the story of a Bachelorette party crafted by a universe that understood.


The shots began about 4 o’clock, but that was what was necessary for me to stay in the getup provided by Laura.  The veil was atrocious, but made worse by being weighed down with condoms, play money, and complete with a “monkey on my back”.  It was uncomfortable and embarrassing; and she was lucky I was MUCH kinder when it was my chance to return the favor. 


After doing unsavory things to some breadsticks at the restaurant, we moved into downtown Nashville.  We took a romantic carriage ride, Laura made friends with a tree, and we settled at our first bar.  A stop that carried us through the rest of the night, without a need to look far for our entertainment.


There were challenges to be had, and completed.  There was one good sport in particular who gave up his boxers and sang to me, two of the challenges not easily met.  In fact, not only did he sing to me, but he sang “You’ve lost that loving feeling” in its entirety.  I am also fairly certain one of the ladies went home with the underwear, not that I want to call anyone out. 

For everyone but the three ladies who were there with me, this sounds like just another girls night on the town.  The girls in these pictures know about an oddly euphoric atmosphere, the stars that aligned, and a celebration was had that was worthy of these friendships.  Love you ladies!!!