Blech, blurch, and blah!  How in the world are you supposed to form words into a blog post, when you can’t find the motivation to even turn on the computer?  I guess you can’t expect this journey to not have any roadblocks, and how you overcome them is what decides your level of success.  Today I am focused on healing an injury, recovering from the meds I had to take for the injury, and getting back on track from vacation and spring break.  I am trying to not get overwhelmed by the distance I still have to run, and I am trying to not be discouraged by the setbacks and old habits that keep sneaking in when I am focused on the big picture.  I made a few decisions this week to help me focus on the here and now, and help me focus on making each individual step the best step I can.  I have to stay focused on each day so that I not forget that I am dealing with a full-on addiction that must be battled every moment of every day.  When I slip, I fall; and I am so tired of falling.  I know this sounds like I am in a bad place, but it really isn’t.  I am just coming to terms with some reality, and that is not always bright and shiny.  It is, however, a necessary part of the journey.