After an incredibly sick week, I am glad to say that I am back for Mamavation Monday with a post I have been working on for several weeksThanks for hanging in there with me!

Dear Jenny,

     A few weeks ago, I heard a term within the Mamavation Moms community that made me think of you.  In order to be in the campaign you have to have a “fit friend” and I felt blessed to already have a fit friend in you.  There are so many ways that your friendship has blessed me, but I feel like things have changed so much we are on some unsure ground.  I really wanted to take a minute to let you know how your journey to wellness has affected my own journey. 

     I never really did consider you a fat friend, maybe because I have always been much bigger than you.  However, when you got really down and out, you did start to worry me.  I know that the weight played a roll for you, but for me it was a symptom of your sadness.  I was so happy, proud, and yes jealous when you began to crawl out of the hole.  You found your trainer, you found your power, and I could not be happier.  I have watched you morph like a butterfly into a thinner, more confident, happier woman. 

     Now, as I have watched you grow, I too have grown.  All along the way, your weightloss and athletics have inspired my own growth and hunger for change.  I don’t have to look for someone to reach out to when I hit a rough patch, because I already watched you brave your way through the same obstacles.  Often I think of reaching out to you, and I don’t simply because your example has already served as an answer to my concern.  I hear Skinny Jenny’s voice considerably more than we actually get to speak, and your inspiration carries me through many of my struggles. 

     Often, my desire to get to where you are has found me trying to follow your exact road.  However, as I get stronger and more sure of myself, I realize that I have to blaze my own trail.  That does not mean we won’t cross over each other’s path, and that doesn’t mean that we won’t end up at the same end goal.  I have faith that we will both become healthier people, AND be close friends who have shared a similar journey.  I know that you pay close attention to my journey, and I know that you worry.  I just want to make sure that you know that I carry you with me on my path, and I listen and learn from yours as well.  Thank you for being my “fit friend,” and thank you for allowing me room to grow at my own pace and in my own style.  I Love You!