Sick smileBeen really, really sick since Wed. Been on a mostly Gatorade and Jell-O diet all week.

SmileSunday lunch at Applebee’s. Chicken penne. Didn’t eat it all, but it felt good to eat something normal. Now we are off to the Bell Buckle craft fair. I am glad I am going with Donnie because without him I would probably (and have) eat one of everything I saw.

Laughing out loudchocolate dipped cheesecake, ate only half

SmileFamily dinner was a hamburger without a bun, a hot dog with a bun, a spoonful of baked beans, and potato salad.

Broken heartGot choked up trying to send a birthday present to a friend’s daughter. I went for a drive. Walked around Hastings’ cookbook section. Left with a most wonderful Mocha. Drank 2/3

Thumbs upOptimistic Today 
Baggie of Honeycomb for breakfast. Planned egg salad for lunch, and dinner ready to hit the crock pot.

Nerd smileJust left gym and I am on my way to a lockout at Wendy’s. Talk about bad timing. Made it home hungry. Time to whip up egg salad and start dinner.

Rolling on the floor laughingGot a little hungry at work, grabbed a few crackers with peanut butter that were in the cabinet at work

Thinking smileDinner was BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes, and I wasn’t loving the chicken so I threw away half.

Don't tell anyone smileDonnie baked chocolate chip cookies and I did good and only ate one after dinner. But then they sat out and I walked back by them again after a couple of hours and by then was hungry and grabbed my usual amount.

Sarcastic smileHad a plan to drop of Donnie’s sprinter in Nashville and grab breakfast before our closing in Nashville. Planned on Cracker Barrel’s oatmeal, but could not find a cracker barrel. Waffle House it is. No thought here, same order I have been ordering since I was 19. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich hash browns covered in cheese. I did not order my usual raisin toast though.

Working at the office today, But Donnie and I are sharing a vehicle unexpectedly. We settle on lunch at Chuy’s. I was really enjoying the chimichanga, and we had already decided that since we were eating so late, that dinner was not likely. My lunch was interrupted by the hail storm Sad smile