A little over a year ago an idea was born to turn my struggles with weight, sanity, and self-care into a blog. To be perfectly honest, I desperately wanted to attend BlissDom and my mind was churning looking for ways to justify it. I also spent a good deal of time searching for wellness and it just made good sense to put the two passions together. When I did attend the blogging conference, I had to Google SEO and RSS just to understand the people I was talking to. I didn’t take my laptop, or my iPad to the sessions, just my pen and paper. I thought no one was paying attention to anything since they were all plugged in. I was in a different world than I was used to, but I just knew I was at home. A year ago I wrote my first “post” that you can read here. I wouldn’t say that I know any more today than I knew then, but I have found myself at home here. I have made some pretty awesome friends, I have settled into a pretty cool community, and most importantly I have been finding myself. I have had more struggle in the past year than I can ever remember facing, and yet I feel much stronger today than I was when I embarked on this journey. If you are reading this, you are part of that strength. Together, you and I are cultivating a well being within me.


Thank you!!!


Photo: thepartyworks.com via Google images