I started the day with an 8 am weigh-in at the doctors office.  I learned that getting control of my weight will help me control my major complaints about my PCOS, AGAIN.  I faced the scale, opened my eyes, and saw a big fat 302.8.  Although this is below my highest weight ever, I am only six pounds shy.  I was pleased to know that all of my blood work looked fantastic for someone who has been using the  “life is too short” philosophy in regards to food.  My cholesterol was good and my blood sugar checked out, (both were things that I was sure I had sabotaged).

So I faced my truths, both good and bad.  I sat through the getting started portion of the Weight Watchers meeting, only this time with a friend/co-worker.  I am even considering coming up with a way to make our weigh-ins a little more interesting.  Friendly wager anyone?!?!  I am hugely competitive, and I think that might just be what I need to keep me tuned in, well as long as I am CRUSHING her.  Ok, maybe this is not such a good idea.

Either way, I look forward to being real with myself this time, and I do think it is possible.