Well…I wasn’t selected to be a Mamavation Mom last Monday night, but three amazing women were.  While I am happy for Lolo, Andrea, and Laura, I must admit to being temporarily swallowed up by grief.  Many of you sent me uplifting messages that went un-replied, but none of those went unnoticed.  I wanted to write before now to let you know that I am ok, that I still have my game face on, and tell you about my new plan of action.  However, for several days that just wasn’t true.  Today, I look back on a week that has felt like years, and I am proud to say, I got this we got this. 

Instead of wasting any more time feeing like I let my loved ones down, I decided to just NOT let you down.  I reached out to some of my support network and created a game plan.  Krissy and I no longer feel like losers we thought we were a week ago.  I know I am being lifted up by too many people to hit the ground, (unless I were stupid enough to jump).  So although we are still working out some kinks and still learning what our plan will look like exactly, we are in a much better place.  We are in a world over-populated with awesome. 

So while I cannot name everyone who has helped me turn this week around, you know who you are and I love you!  Thank you!!

If you feel like you need a new plan, need extra support, feel stuck, or unworthy, you are NOT alone!!