This week has been an emotional one, and I have pulled back quite a bit from my social obligations.  I am not sure why I tend to get quiet when I am feeling really raw, but I have to honor that feeling anyway.  Fortunately, the people I choose to align myself with allow me that wiggle room without letting go, giving up, or expecting more than I can give.  If you are reading this, then you are automatically one of those people that I count on to be there when the smoke clears…and when the smoke rolls back in too.  So Thank You!

My major gains in weight loss come every other week, so I have decided to not weight myself this week.  The up/downs tend to get discouraging.  I learned a bit about moderation last week, and this week I added some more forgiveness into the mix.  I realized that if I am going to try to work my plan, I need to work my plan and not anyone else’s.  Nothing specific is off limits, or should be off limits if you are trying to make a permanent change of course in the direction of moderation.  I have always been an “all or nothing” gal, and you see how well that has worked for me.

By now I should also be halfway through my second 2 Week Challenge, but I am not.  I am having more trouble with my knees and back, and although I did walk a mile on Thursday, I paid for it all weekend long.  I am trying desperately to take it easy, because I have big plans that DON’T allow for this kind of headache.  My trainer is frustrated, I am frustrated, but we are both showing up and doing the best we think we can do.  I am using my new Body Media to track my steps and such, and I met two or three of my goals at one point or another this week.  Now if only I could meet each of them consistently and daily. 

On Thursday I will be off to attend my second BlissDom conference, and I cannot wait.  I got a room this time so that I could have someplace to wind down, (an absolute requirement for an introvert in an extroverted world).  I would absolutely love to meet up with any of you who are attending, so hit me up!  At the conference I hope to fill in some blanks for a special super secret project that I am working on with my fit friend Jenny.  I cannot wait to share it with you, but not until I get some of the kinks figured out.  In the meantime, you can follow our Facebook for updates Smile