So, I wonder how many times you can re-start something and still believe that you can follow thru with it.  Today I made a decision to take back control of the one thing that I can have control of, the food I put into my mouth.  I was about thirty pounds down, I had found a home in the Mamavation Sistahood, in my weekly Weight Watchers meetings, and in this blog space.  When the news came that my sister’s leukemia had returned I dropped it all and walked away.  Since then, I have experienced many mini traumas that have postponed my return to reality.  It has begun to feel obvious that life is always going to throw curveballs, and they are not meant to be excuses.

Today, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, and pretty alone so I made a very important decision.  I am going to pick up my toys and get back to work.  I phoned a friend and asked her to be a Weight Watchers buddy, and this post is the equivalent to phoning the entire Mamavation Sistahood.  My good friend, Shelly Oz, reached out to me in my last and only post in months, and reminded me that I could stop reaching out to my Sistahs, but they were still going to be there for me. 

On Wednesday, I will meet with my primary care doctor and an Endocrinologist to address some issues I have been having with blood sugar.  I anticipate these appointments will give me all of the motivation I will need to attend the Noon Weight Watchers meeting with gusto.  Now, if I march my 300 pound butt into the doctor and she tells me I don’t need to lose weight, I might have to re-think this plan.  Otherwise, I have everything set up to begin my journey with a little more knowledge, and a whole lot of support.  Wish Me Luck!!