Somehow, after Tuesday’s bootcamp I injured my back.  I have no idea if it was the bootcamp itself or the Mamavation Hell Week hazing I did when I got home, but the injury was intense.  I snagged an impromptu massage, lots of anti-inflamatories, and even a pain patch.  On Wednesday night, as my husband and I were talking, he asked me to not attend Thursday’s bootcamp for fear that I was pushing myself too hard.  I got upset with him, lectured him about supporting me and trusting me, and then promptly came to the same conclusion by morning. 

While I know deep down, that my back would not feel better today had I pushed through the pain, there is still a part of me that wonders if this caution is the reason I have not been successful in my pursuits in the past.  This decision haunted me long after it was too late to change my mind.  Finally, while watching Karate Kid, I realized what my hang-up is.  The heroes in the movies, the inspirational people on the news, and the gold medalists in the Olympics all got where they were going by not knowing when to quit.  At least, that is the side of the story that we see.  As I watched the little Smith finish the tournament on a severely injured leg, (just as I had watched Ralph Macchio do as a child), I came to the understanding that these people are the exception and not the rule.  If everyone pushed through when they should have the good sense to bail, there would not be heroes, inspirational people, or gold medalists. 

For me, where I am in my life today, I just need to be a Tortise, and focus on the finish line instead of focusing on being a Hare.  Maybe I will reach a point in my life where pushing through the pain would be appropriate, but I will never get where I am going if I stop using my brain and throw caution to the wind.  I am a big girl, and my journey, if it is to be a successful one will be long, life-long.  There is no finish line in life lessons, so I need to slow down and focus on the journey instead.