IMG_9263At nearly 35 years old, I found my first four-leaf clover

So, apparently I really like to use the word “so” and “apparently.”  There has no relevance to what I want to write today, but every time I start a post I have to backspace away the “So” at the top of my page.  SO, I thought I would share, and APPARENTLY I think you care.

This week my depressed, reflective side began to co-exist with my hopeful, content side.  I have always been one to look at things as black and white, never really believing that you can be happy and sad at the same moment.  I took another step toward understanding that middle space this week. 

Relating to my weight loss journey, I am really starting to get a handle on the moderation thing.  In fact, I hit a pretty big milestone (20 pounds lost since applying to be a Mamavation Mom) sometime in the last three weeks or so.  I wasn’t obsessing about it, and I really didn’t want to get on the scale for fear that I wasn’t measuring up. I think it is almost as nice to forget to weigh in, even if I do miss a milestone or two. 

My part-time job has also shown me a thing or two about this middle space as well.  I came back to work after BlissDom to find out that I was being relocated.  While I LOVE the location I am going to and my schedule is going to rock, I also LOVE the one that I am leaving and the people I have come to adore there.  Today was my last day at the former and I just figured out that it is OK and totally normal to be sad to leave, and happy to go at the same time. 

I think I have always been trying to learn how to hang out in the void between black and white, only knowing how to swing back and forth.  I am very good at enjoying the grey as I swing through it, but I think it might be kinda nice to live there instead of just passing through on my way from one extreme to the other.