So clearly, I was not thinking straight when I decided to do the coffee table instead of an alternate challenge.  This is the junk drawer of my entire universe!!  It was a blast to throw so much away though.  So here are my before and after shots…


And the greatest thing I found were no fewer than four mini USB cords.  We had been sharing the same one for all of our computers and accessories both household and company wide. 

This week we must tackle…The Kitchen cabinet.  This week we are supposed to take the top shelf of one kitchen cabinet and clear it out.  I can tell you it took only a few seconds for my husband to decide which one needs to be emptied…


As a non-drinker, he would completely do away with this shelf.  Even I will have to admit that they get just a bit dusty, but I can wash a glass when I do use them.  Either way, I am not quite ready to do away with those, memories.  The wine glass from the centerpieces at my wedding, the martini glasses from New Years cosmos with my girls, the shot glasses from all over the world…Yeah, I am off to find another cabinet.  Here we go…


In case you were wondering, those would be the very same Bliss chocolates I was given last year at BlissDom.  There is a catch.  Since I vetoed his choice for worst cabinet, I agreed to tackle the whole cabinet and not just the top shelf. 


How could he think my glasses were worse than this???  Anyway, I am glad to see him get involved in the project.  Maybe someday he will help me do one of them, HAHAHA.

Special thanks to Katie for lighting a fire under my bum, so check her out if you want to see more!!!