So last week’s challenge was a good one.  The kitchen cabinet that WE decided I should tackle was a really good one.  This is the bag of JUNK I decided I didn’t need anymore…Did you know that chocolate expires??


This cabinet was MY cabinet.  There was little more in this cabinet than my collection of goodies that I had been hoarding.  One of the side effects of my eating disorder requires that I stockpile candy.  I rarely even eat it which is why I found a whole symphony bar that expired in 2009.  Before this purge, I had already taken out the most recent purchases of individually wrapped candies and took them to work to hand out to clients.  It is the weirdest thing to sit next to a bowl of chocolates that I HAD to buy, watch other people eat them, and have no desire to eat them myself.  It felt INCREDIBLE to “come out” of this cabinet!!  I will still struggle with my eating disorder everyday, and I will continue to feel the need to purchase candy.  However, the little red box on the bottom shelf is the limit.  I can keep my favorite treats in there for safe keeping, for now.  The middle shelf will be the one that I fill with good choices that I will begin to hoard.  Here are the before and after…


I had so little left in the cabinet that I brought all of the tea/coffee supplies in from the countertop AND emptied out an entire shelf of another cabinet with my baking supplies.


Now I have more room to spread out my spices.  I have to say that this week’s project just got a little contagious, lol.  I am looking forward to getting back into the kitchen on a future assignment. 

For now, I must move on to this week’s assignment.  The assignment for week 4 calls for a bathroom drawer, any bathroom drawer.  I have no drawers but only cabinets in my bathroom, and I am certainly not starting with the kids bathroom, Ha.  Again, my husband chose the cabinet, (after I told him both was not an option).  So, it is a big one, but should be pretty easy with my garbage bag in hand.  In this cabinet, I already know I will find medical supplies from a surgery I had nearly 7 years ago, countless hotel amenities, and a couple of Clinique bonus week bags that have never been touched.  Sadly, this cabinet is also all ME. 


This will be fun!!  I will be back next Tuesday with after pictures and next week’s assignment.  If you are looking for more before and after pictures, go check out Katie over at Life with Katie or ask me to add you to our Facebook support group for the clutter challenged.

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