I have had an incredible need to purge and organize my house for quite a while.  I got to the point of just boxing up random stuff all over my house.  Now my whole house has less stuff, but it also looks as though we have just moved in and are still unpacking.  I believe that clearing my environment also clears my mind, so I am very glad to be sharing this particular angle of my journey to wellness.  I was also THRILLED to have someone else who has decided to lead the charge and help me/us stay focused throughout the year.  My friend over at Katie is hosting and organizing this challenge, and I am excited to have someone break it down into manageable pieces for me.  The moment I knew that this challenge was for me…the night before I read her post on Facebook, I began clearing off my dressers/nightstand which is the very first challenge.  Technically these aren’t even proper before pictures, because the stack was at least two foot before I began.  So enjoy these “halfway there” photos, and pay special attention to the humor that is the book sitting atop my kindle in the first picture.  Clearly, it is unread! Also notice that the drawers turn into additional tabletop as the space runs thin.  OMG I can’t believe I am publically posting these Embarrassed smile

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Week 1: “Halfway there” photos: