While walking through the mall just before Christmas, my husband and I passed a kiosk in the mall selling multi-colored clay molds.  While the whole idea was pretty cool, these hands in particular kept speaking to me.  Here, let me hold that for you. First of all, they are HUGE, bigger than any hands I have ever seen.  My hands looked like a child when I placed my hands inside these.  It literally felt like He was holding out his hands as a virtual catch-all for my worries.  Even my 10 year old asks to drop off his worries. I could not argue with the overwhelming peace that fell/falls over me when I place my child like hands in these large clay hands.  I know that it is a figurative gesture, but I someone who likes to hold onto everything.  It feels good to have a place that I can drop it as I come in the door.  It is just a shame that my husband thinks they are too creepy to actually keep by the door.