So, I have been kinda quiet for a couple of weeks.  I have had a hard time focusing on writing about being well when I wasn’t feeling well.  It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I was driving around at night in the snow just for fun.  I was loving the great big snowflakes, and I had fun testing out my new car’s traction at a local parking lot.  I was thinking that people would hang me if they knew how happy this snow makes me.  Folks ’round these parts, well most people I know, are sick to death of the snow by now.  I, however, spend my life trying to be difficult, so it would not surprise many who know me to know that I was of this unpopular opinion.  I should have prepared myself to be smited, but noooooooo.

The next morning, the kids were out of school, (meaning I got to sleep til 11 or so) and I was on my way to a massage.  I know, more smiting.  When I headed out into the snow in my flip flops, not lying.  I noticed the snow made an odd formation around the wheel of my husband’s van.  That is when I went down, maybe I deserved it, but I was instantly and officially over the snow!  I tore up my foot and a couple of toes on my way down to my knee, then my knee slipped from me and I landed on the wrist on my other side.  I knew my phone was under me, as I felt it when I landed on it, so all I could do was roll off of it and call my husband to incoherently scream for help.  He came out, helped me up, and got me on my way to my massage.

A couple of things made me feel much better that day.  My infratonic machine, Arnica (both topical and oral), and my awesome pain management massage therapist.  Each of these magic tools for wellness will get a post of their own in the VERY near future, but this was only the beginning.  I have also been going through DT’s from switching my SSRI (my happy pills), and a head cold.  No matter how much ground I make in wellness, I have made no headway in fighting the common cold.  It is when I feel my worst, that I reach for old habits, so as I continue to battle my cold and DT’s with Nyquil and too much sleep, hopefully inspiration will hit me to write more often.