This Mamavation Monday is my first since being welcomed back into the Mamavation Sistahood, and I am glad to again be a part of this crowd of amazing women.  There were plenty of victories and struggles this week to mark this occasion, so I am going to just jump right in.

     My Weight Watchers buddy and I lost 9.8 pounds together, mine being the 4.8. I was very proud of both of us and motivated by our impressive first week, (and only a tiny bit sad that I came that close to 5 pounds).  I was in a great place, a place with packed lunch dates with the husband instead of the daily lunch date at our favorite restaurants, a place where my family eats a home cooked meal each night instead of takeout, and a place where snacks are of a healthier variety than the previous cakes, cookies, and candies. 

     With every thing in life there are always challenges, and my only goal is to muddle through them without throwing in the towel.  I had some dental work done that did not go well, but the dentist has asked me to wait it out to see if it gets better.  I am still unable to eat a regular meal without excruciating pain.  I am swinging between starving to avoid pain, to drinking a milkshake just to get something in my stomach.  As a person eating post lap-band, excessive chewing goes along with anything I eat, and excessive chewing is the opposite of what you need when you have tooth pain. 

     I have given myself permission to do what I need to do, but have tried to be very mindful at the same time.  I am as concerned that my scale will be skipping its victory this week as a result of not eating as I am that the choices I have made not being ideal.  Anyway, I will be seeing the dentist again tomorrow, and then it will be a new day and a new chance to do the right things.