Last week, one of my very best friends, Jenny, put out a cry on her weightloss/fitness page for ideas about soft foods for me.  It got fantastic response from everyone but me.  This post was an incredible gift from my friend, but not in the ways you (she) might expect.  Yes, it gave me ideas of soft foods to eat that are also healthy, but apparently that wasn’t what I was looking for.  Apparently, I should have been true to myself and said, “I don’t feel good, so I am eating things that make me feel good and are also soft” instead of blaming my teeth for my bad choices.  For three weeks now, my post has been about my teeth making it difficult for me to eat healthy.  For three weeks I have been in denial about the real truth being how the tooth pain makes me feel, and how my feelings cause me to eat.  Not to say that this realization has changed how I have been eating, but at least I have found the demon that I need to call out.  Now I just have to feel motivated to deal with him, and I don’t wanna because my mouth hurts!  This is Mamavation Monday marks a new week, and a new opprotunity to take care of the “I don’t feel good” demons, and then find some more to beat up.  In the mean time, I want to thank Jenny for her help, her patience, and her faith in me.  <3