I have not had much to write about with regards to the health and nutrition side of my wellness journey.  I have been injured for over a month, and it seems like nearly everything went on hold with it.  I try not to get discouraged with my needs for convenience type foods, my inability to work out like I am accustomed, and the general inconvenience achieved by doing everything in an Aircast. Since stuff tends to get distorted when you feel crummy, I am celebrating some of my smallest victories. 

First, I have to brag that over the last 4 weeks, my weight has remained unchanged!!  While a loss is preferable, I am thrilled that I am able to maintain in the face of these struggles.  I am still looking to find a way to make this careful lifestyle work for me, but at least it isn’t working against me.  I know that my foot will be better, someday, I pray; it is then I will be ready to kick butt and take names at the gym AND on the scale.

Also, I severed my connection to Diet Sunkist!  OK, I haven’t severed it, but I have stopped drinking it.  I still can’t look over to the cooler where I used to buy them, but I haven’t had a drop in over two weeks.  While I am still occasionally having a diet soda, it is nothing compared to the pull that the orangey goodness had on me.  I seriously think it may have been easier to quit smoking, and was certainly easier to quit drinking. 

Finally, I made a trip to the grocery store on a mission to not get any HFCS in any product.  I left the store with no HFCS, no soy, trans fats, or msg.  It really wasn’t hard to finally crack down since I have been making myself aware of these items for long enough to really know where to go to find the alternatives.  I even bumped into a co-worker who commented on my healthy cart, and was ashamed to be buying her frozen pizza and beer. 

To me, this seems silly to celebrate, but I am learning, (do you hear that Mamavation Moms? Leah? Lisa? Sara?) that these are to be celebrated even more than victories on the scale.  The scale will catch up to the good work I am doing.  I just have to keep working on these building blocks and laying a good solid foundation to build upon.  So Yay for me!!!