It’s Mamavation Monday!!!!

I am very optimistic about this new campaign!  I am getting some really good info from the food logs that I am working on with my counselor that I mentioned here.  Not focusing on details, measurements, and “pass or FAILURE” is a good method for me.  I am successfully recording EVERY single thing I eat for probably the first time in my life.  We got some really good clues from the first week, and I did decide that I will be posting these starting on Wednesday. 

Since Wednesday, when my new weight loss week began, I spent most of my time fighting off a stomach bug, so we will have less info to work with this week.  On the bright side, I should do just fine at my weigh in and I still have some pretty cool non-scale victories in a very short time.  The local craft fair in town is famous for its food, and I have been avoiding them for the last 6 years for that reason alone.  I returned to the craft fair yesterday, preplanning my attack by determining what was that one food I could not go home without, and I waited for it.  It was the last thing we found, but I did find my chocolate dipped cheesecake and I bought one.  I ate only half of it on the way home because it was rather disappointing.  I think I may have broken the spell that has kept me from that craft fair, because no where in my mind did it sound like a good idea to buy a “deep fried snickers.”  Progress is a wonderful thing!!