More about the Author

I am a very busy Mom to three, Gramma TT to one, splitting my time between a few businesses that I co-own with my husband, the business of attending to my home, as well a constant quest to take care of myself.  I have always struggled to be successful with weight loss.  I continue to deal with the effects of my morbid obesity even though I have finally found success after a second weight loss surgery.  I have countless people “on my team of experts,” ranging from someone to clean my house, to the counselor who helps me clean up other cobwebs. With the help of these people I hope to find my own definition of well-being, and my own unique path to happiness.

More about the project

This project is the documentation of my attempts to be well. I have researched, experimented, given up, and tried something else for many years. I would like to think that all along I was just gathering material for this project, as well as to come up with a fantastical formula for wellness. This magic formula encompasses everything from holistic healing to anti-psychotic medications, from weight loss surgery to good old fashioned potions and prayer. My quest for health and happiness will be an endless journey, but also one that should be entertaining to watch.

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