Stomach has been flipping, so I pulled into sonic to get an unsweetened tea to settle it.  Thought about ice cream to coat my stomach, but decided against it.

Just got done eating pizza.  Donnie picked dinner, and I enjoyed the ease of bot having to plan or cook.  I ate two slices and two breadsticks.  At least the first piece of pizza was caught in my band and did not stay down.

Grabbed a handful of Life cereal on the way out to the gym.  Only briefly considered swinging through he donut country drive thru on the way home.  Actually took water to the gym today, AND drank it!

Starving, literally, after the gym.  Tried to make it to lunch but not gonna happen. Passed Donut Country again, but did pull into Hardees. Indecisive makes me want to order on of everything, but I don’t.  Just a sausage biscuit, and a diet dr pepper, and an order of hash browns.  Probably will not eat it all, but wanted it anyway.

Ate sausage and half of the biscuit, only ate about 10 of the large hash browns.
Lunch with Donnie, chose Newks.  Ordered half sandwich and soup.  Got tea to drink. 

Mindless popcorn snack

Soft Taco Bake at home for dinner.  Followed by a single truffle.

After dinner I was bored, and looking for something else to do, I mean eat, so I went to bed.

Up an out for a call.  Kids need milk so I am going to the grocery store hungry.  I consider double chocolate chip muffins, and then I strongly consider the pumpkin donut holes and pass.  Grabbed the cereal and milk for the kids and settled on cocoa pebbles and a pumpkin spice latte.  Maybe they weren’t the best choice, but I took my time discovering what I really wanted instead of just grabbing the first thing or everything I could find.

Well scratch the cocoa pebbles, as I am too lazy to sit with a bowl and milk.  I settled on a handful of honeycomb

Lunch with Donnie, he chose Samurai.  The food was not fantastic so we both left plenty sitting on the table.

We shall not discuss dinner as my husband will be taking me to the Melting Pot and I know it will be indulgent, but I also know that this will be the only time I ever get him in there.  (I won a bet, and he is actually paying up).

Skipped breakfast.  Took the kids to lunch.  I had a bit of a eyes too big experience at Old Chicago.  I ate the soup, two pieces of pizza, and a few of the really large plate of Italian nachos.

Frozen lasagna for dinner (lazy again). This is not a difficult time for over indulgence because I am not in love with the meal.  I am already thinking about desert though.

Slept late, planned on having brunch for weeks.  Kids picked Cracker barrel.  Low and Behold, my favorite seasonal item, the apple streusel fresh toast has returned.  I did decide to Not get my usual Hot chocolate.  When the French toast arrived, I immediately took the butter off my plate.  Ate half of the toast, bacon, but the eggs were too cold by the time I got to them.

Went to the grocery to get dinner supplies, ate a bag of cheddar and sour cream chips because I was getting very hungry.

Manwich and mac and cheese for dinner.  Followed by a nutty buddy for
Dessert (another impulse purchase at the store).

Late night rooting for something to eat.  Klondike bar, yummy.

Ran early morning call, picked up cinnamon roll, passed on hot chocolate or mocha side.  Ate a third of the roll.

Olive Garden for lunch, Donnie’s pick.  No thinking involved, got my usual.  Lasagna fritta (horrible choice but sooooo yummy).  No mints today 🙁

Went to work, holy hell.  I began by looking for something to combat the garlic breath landed on Hot Tamales, also saw airheads and grabbed them too.  Ate single airhead and half the hot Tamales.
Coworker mentioned chocolate.  Yumm! Went to purchase fritos to go with chili tonight, went to grab kit kats for coworker, purchased giant grab bag of Halloween candy to also hand out to clients.  Also bought cookies.  Only ate three whoppers and a kit kat.

Chili on the slow cooker when I got home.  Forgot I bought fritos so I ate chili without for a first in as long as I cam remember.

Late night, medicine induced snacking.  4 more airheads and at least six whoppers and a kit kat. wow

Slept through breakfast again.  Lunch time.  I am going to try to see if Donnie will give me a problem if I choose to grab blue coast and head to the office. Now that I have chosen to leave off steak, blue coast has become an even more safe choice.  Beans and rice, cheese and salsa.

I am soooo weak.  I did ask I he was up for blue coast, but at the slightest resistance I backed down.  Demos it is.  Usual.  Blackened chicken baked potato and a single roll.

Dinner was chili dogs.  Had one hotdog with bun and toppings, one plain dog no bun, and fritos.

Oops, forgot to mention the entire packet of airheads at the office and in the car before dinner.