Editors Note:  This post was so artistically ghost written by my Daddy in my “voice” that I spent the first few sentences trying to figure out when I wrote it.  It is a lot closer to my reality this week than when it was written two weeks ago.  I may still feel like I am in the chaos, but this helps me remember that my normal is never far away from the chaos.

What a week! We knew the hubby was going down with surgery this week, which went well by the way. That meant that besides my job at the bank, and the daily chores at home, I also got to fill in for the hubby keeping our business going. But we did not anticipate both of my babies getting sick the entire week on top of that! It was pure Chaos!

The kids went back to school this morning. The hubby that was hard to keep down last week will be impossible to this week. My load will be much lighter, sigh. How sad is it that I am glad to be almost back to my fast paced hectic frenzied "normal" pace?

We’ve all been overloaded, pushed to the limit, dropped in that chaos where all you CAN do is just hang on tight and ride it out. It feels so good when things get "back to normal". My problem this week is this: I can still SEE Chaos from where my "Normal" is. I live too damn close.