Thanksgiving has not snuck up on me exactly, I knew it was coming.  It has been a deadline in my sights for a while now, and I knew exactly how close it was.  I knew that I had family coming in from all over the country, and I knew I had some emotional work to complete before it arrived.  I could see the clock ticking on the back of my eyes, but never did I take a moment to do anything other than that emotional work.  I completely forgot that I needed to make preparations to actually host the days meal for both sides of the family, I forgot that as a business owner I should have already ordered my imprinted Christmas cards, and I forgot that my Christmas Club account is waiting on me and I have not even begun to consider a single gift for anyone.  When I realized how behind I am, (and that I haven’t had a clean house since we lost the cleaners this summer), I had a small full-fledged panic attack.

So, my initial instinct was to take shortcuts, buy prepackaged foods, and pass off someone else’s pies as my own.  So I surprised myself when I carved out time to make the hour long drive to Whole Foods.  I carefully selected my free range turkey that I am going to “fry” in my oil-free turkey fryer.  I took the time to pick out lots of vegetables, whole wheat bread crumbs, and organic dairy.  I spent a week’s pay at that blessed grocery, but I am going to serve a complete and wholesome dinner for my family.  The weight-loss benefit for me is that afteCropped Heatherr doing this type of serious cooking, I never actually want to eat myself.  If I do actually make myself a plate, at least I know that it is only the best food that I could put together.  It has been a long time since I have made my own dressing, and I have been ordering out our Cajun turkey for years, so this is going to be fun.  I will probably flop a dish or two, and my Dad is going to look for anything not-organic or made with white flour and high fructose corn syrup, but my family will be here to make fun of me so it will all be worth it.                                                           

Now, I have been writing for Mamavation Mondays for a while, and I have never entered into the blogging carnival contest that we have every week.  However, having just bought my Eco-Foil ecoto do all of my Thanksgiving dishes in for easy clean-up and still keep my eco-kid off my tail, I felt like it made sense to enter this one.  Eco-foil wants to know what my plans are for not over-indulging during Holiday feasts, and I already covered some of that above before I even knew about this contest.  So I will re-cap my strategy just for them.  My plans usually include doing as much cooking as I can so that I no longer have an appetite when it is time to feast.  I also believe in sampling little spoonfuls of anything that I feel like I cannot like without, and the last part of my strategy is to have so many yummy veggies that there is little room for anything else. 


Disclosure time: This post is sponsored by Eco-foil and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women