I know my Mamavation Monday posts are often filled with wistful thinking and excuses for why last week was SOOOOO HAAAAARD.  This Monday I am overflowing with wistful thinking and I don’t need any excuses.  I gave this week everything I had to give and a little bit more.  Did I do it all perfectly? Hell Naw, but I did do it. 

I embarked on my first ever Mamavation 2 Week Challenge with Mark Segedie (@Mrbookieboo), which is a daily physical challenge with a nutritional component that includes tweeting pictures of my meals.  I am still hazing for the application the be a Mamavation Mom for their eleventh campaign.  This means I am getting boot camp style orders via twitter from Stephanie Hamm (@fitmomtraining), and I am accountable for doing them in addition to the challenge workouts.  I gave up soda, which has been the hardest part so far both physically and mentally.  One hundred ounces of water a day is the minimum, leaving me little room to even want a soda.

I was sure that after yesterday’s workouts, I would be unable to move today.  Quite the opposite has been true, I am finding it difficult to not work out today.  I know tomorrow will be another challenge, so I am resisting the urge to head out to run.  I want to be well rested to give even more to the second week of this challenge.  I don’t want to leave anything on the table next week, except for the food. HAHAHAHA

Did I mention that I am going to be on “TV” tomorrow night?  As a Mamavation applicant, I have to show my face so people know I am real or something.  The topic is label reading, which is something I will be listening to VERY carefully.  So…maybe you wanna come check it out here, you can sign in with your facebook login. 

On a non-mamavation note, I also jumped on a decision to change my depression meds that I had really been mulling over.  I don’t know if it is the new medications that have me hopping or if it is the exercise and water, either way it works.  If you don’t believe me, check this out.

For the first time in a very long time I get to report a weight loss!!!  Since I began the 2 week challenge last Monday I have lost 7.2 lbs, for a total of 10.0 lbs since applying to be a Mamavation Mom at my highest weight ever!!!!!!!!!!  Next week, I will report an even bigger loss, and I will also find out if I am a finalist to campaign for Mamavation Mom.  It will be up to you ALL to vote if I do, and I will not let you forget it.  Smile