Perfection2Week 1 was about reformulating my plan after finding out that I wasn’t selected to be a Mamavation Mom and that there was not going to be a MILI campaign.  Week 2 was about getting my feet under me and implementing that plan.  So, naturally, Week 3 is about hitting my stride. As this week begins, I will be jumping back into another 2 Week Challenge, and I feel good about finishing this one.  I have decided to not weight myself halfway through, because I am learning that my losses only like to show themselves every other week anyway. 

Speaking of weight loss, I lost 4 pounds this week for a total of 18.4 since applying to be a Mamavation Mom.  More important than the losses of inches and pounds, I have gotten into a flow.  Food has less power over me, and I no longer feel like I am missing out on life.  I am slowly learning that I can control myself without depriving myself.  Did you hear that people?  I have discovered MODERATION.  I have finally discovered that I don’t have to be perfect, that there isn’t a perfect.  I learned that trying to be perfect only guarantees my failure.  Iknowright, what a revelation!  So, I go into this two week challenge trying to make the most out of it that I am able. 

What does week 3 hold for you?  Are you learning anything interesting about yourself on this journey?

Image from Wordboner, via Google Images