This week has been a week of lessons. One of the most important things I am trying to learn is how to “stop and smell the roses” as my Grampa told me. The irony is that he said this to me the day after I had purchased this single white rose for myself, just because.  My Dad also pointed out the irony that I kept it in my car, so I didn’t have to actually stop to smell the roses. This is actually a very acurate metaphor for my life. I am always trying to find ways to speed through, pile on more, and squeeze in one more task into my days, weeks, and years.

My therapist is encouraging me to find ways to nurture myself, WITHOUT using food.  It is unreal how easy it is to jump to food as a reward or comfort when you have the issues with food that I do.  I can list thousands of ways to feel better right this second, but not a single one that does not involve food.  Here is the other catch… I really need to find things that don’t add to my already heaping plate of tasks and responsibilities.  Even the thought of one more thing on my to-do list stresses me out, and would serve to cancel out the nuturing done by the task. 

Are there ways to nurture yourself that don’t require an investment of time and/or money and have nothing to do with food??