My story begins in a Wendy’s drive-thru, but this story isn’t about food or will power.  In fact, I am not even sure what the story is about, I just knew it had to be written.

When I pulled up to get my order, I noticed that the lady who was going to help me had a different way of holding things and a scar on her wrist.  This sparked a memory of one of my best friends from Junior High who had the same scars and I smiled.  Again, I am not sure this is relevant to my story, but it is relevant to me…so there.

When she opened the window, she said “Can I have a Cross, I really need it”.  It took me a moment to remember that I have a couple of wooden Crosses hanging off the side of my steering wheel, and even when I realized what she was referring to I laughed thinking that she was joking.  I am not sure what made me realize that this was an earnest request, but I do know it wasn’t long.

I began to untangle them, asked her if she wanted the smaller or the bigger one, and she said it really didn’t matter.  I unraveled the larger of the two, as she asked me where I had gotten them.  I did tell her I had gotten them from Bethlehem Marketplace, but I didn’t tell her that the one I was giving her was from the only time I went with my baby sister.  photo

I will never know if my sister had her hand in that interaction from above, but I do know she is a part of it now.  The woman in the drive-thru asked for what she needed, and I gave it.  I didn’t just give her a piece of wood that had been hanging unnoticed from my steering wheel for ages, I gave her a piece of my heart.  In just the few seconds I was there, she also gave something special to me.  She gave me a reminder of happier days, a reminder that sometimes you just have to ask for what you need, and finally a reminder that even when I am feeling particularly low, I still might have more to give. 

Tonight I pray for her to have the strength to face whatever prompted her to need the cross, and that she continue to have the courage to ask for help when she needs it.  I will also be praying for those who I wish I could give more to, because even when I have no time, money, or energy to spare I can always offer up a little prayer.

Would you also remember this stranger in your prayers, send her some positive energy, or keep her in your thoughts?  Whatever floats your boat, send some of it her way too, please.