This has been a crazy week, and I really needed the challenge to give me something productive to do.  I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet at about 11:30 one night, and it was good therapy.  I only found a bag and a half of trash in this challenge.  However, my favorite find was the empty hotel laundry bag that I was saving for God only knows what. I kept an extensive collection of hotel shampoos, but tossed just as many expired tubes of this and that.  Now I have room for items that are stashed in other areas, like my collection of various braces, slings, and wraps that moved in already.  I am sure it is no surprise to anyone who has known me for any amount of time, but I now have left wrist braces in triplicate. 



This week’s challenge is listed as the laundry room, but even my husband agrees that the laundry shelf isn’t hurting, so we picked the top two shelves of the hall closet.  This isn’t really a bad project to undergo, but there will be more room to spare once “we” are done. 


Check back next week for the after photos, and to see what the next challenge will be!!  If you want to see more, please check out Katie’s blog to see who else is posting their shameful clutter magnets.