So this week is supposed to be my post Thanksgiving Mamavation Monday post

where I tell you that I did not overeat, that my oil-less deep fried turkey was a hit,

and that no one complained too much about the flop that was my organic green

bean casserole.  However, I can only think of how fortunate I was to have my

Mom’s entire family (less one) gather from all areas of the country. 

It is amazing to know that the distance that lies between each of us

does not lessen our love for one another.  No one could have told me how

comforting these memories were going to be when things started to get rough. 

No outsiders could have guessed that we all secretly knew this might be

the last time we would feel this complete as a family.  So I thank God for this

Thanksgiving, this precious memory, and a reminder that I can draw from the

love and the support of loved ones near and far.  Now if I could just find a way

to not forget these moments when things get tough…