It’s another Mamavation Monday, and I do not have much to report.  I did finally get a root canal, and I am now able to chew with my left side.  I faced the scales on Wednesday, and I am happy to report that I held steady through all of my mouth problems.  It sucks not losing, but holding steady when the stuff gets deep is a good thing too. 

Next weekend is the legendary Jack and Back, and my amazingly inspiring friend Skinny Jenny will be out riding for MS alone, so I will be heading out to support her.  I don’t think she will leave me ringing bells and cheering for long, because she has AMAZING times on her new bike.  If I get my ass in gear, maybe I can be back in the game by next October, but I will still be eating her dust. 

I am also still looking for possible road trip buddies, as Chevy is sponsoring my drive to New Orleans for the Manic Mommies Escape the first weekend in November.  If you are interested and will come to TN to join me, or live anywhere in the vicinity, give me a yell.  Even if you don’t wanna road trip with me, check out the Escape because there are still tickets available and it is a great place to meet more moms like us. 

Now, as for the coming week, I am going to focus on pre-planning my attack on food.  The more I plan, the more control I can have.  I am usually pretty good at planning my dinners, my breakfasts are pretty steady, but I fly by the seat of my way too big pants for lunch and snacks.  Packing romantic lunches for the hubby and I to share only works if the hubby is interested, so I also have to learn to be accountable for my lunches no matter his mood.  Not planning for snacks that are healthy leaves me open for cravings and urges to take over, and that is never good.  So the plan for this week is to plan.  Sounds simple, huh?  Well I guess I will let you know next week.