I could not let the day pass without mentioning its significance to me. Ten years does not seem like a relevant measure of time when it is in reference to something like the 9/11 attacks.  It seems like just yesterday for someone like me with no connections to the people who lost their lives.  I cannot imagine how time has passed for the survivors and the families that loved someone who didn’t make it.

Ten years ago today I awoke, like every other day, to the sound of my happy son patiently waiting for a bottle.  We sat around and watched cartoons together until he was ready for his morning nap.  As I laid my child down in his crib, I kissed away my last few moments of peace.  I walked back into the living room and plopped on the couch to watch the view or something of the like.  When I flipped channels, I wondered what movie I was watching a preview for as I watched the World Trade Center burn.

I will never be sure how long it took me to figure out what was happening, because time seemed to stand completely still.  I did manage to figure it out before the second plane crashed into the other tower.  I was GLUED to the coverage, consumed by grief, and praying for miracles just as everyone else was.  I questioned how I could bring a child into a world this scary, and called every loved one I have.  I am not sure how or when I realized that the reality show Big Brother sequesters their contestants.  It suddenly occurred to me that maybe they hadn’t heard, and I began to do some digging.  I logged into the webcams at the Big Brother house, and drowned myself in a world where they were still unaware of the evil that had occurred.  I watched them and envied them, knowing that they were never going to know what it felt like in those first moments as we all tried to figure out what was happening.  If I was not a Psychology major before, I certainly became one that day.  Ten years later, I remain obsessed with the reality show that gave me a break from madness as we slowly lost hope that survivors would be found.  I wish I could still visit a world where we don’t believe something like this is possible, but I am glad to know that I live in a world where heroes like the ones we saw that day still exist.

To all of the Heroes (including my dear friend who was at the ready for injured patients and saw none), the families who were broken, the survivors who live everyday in the midst of it still…I will never forget!!  To the soldiers who fight everyday to make our world a better place, THANK YOU!  To the men, women, children who have lost their lives as a result of the 9/11 attack and the efforts to prevent another, you will not be forgotten!!!