Of course, the one week when I am really at a loss for words to write for Mamavation Monday, there is no prompt setting me on the right track.  I guess I can figure this thing out on my own. Just ignore the lack of central theme, mmmkay?

     I have had a really rough week, but then again, I can’t remember the last time I had an easy one.  I wish I could tell you the “Politically Correct” way to tell you what my therapist said last week.  It was something along the lines of, “I don’t normally believe in seeing someone THIS often for THIS long, but in your case it is totally justified”.  I know that isn’t exactly how she said it, but she got her point across.  There will always be something for me to work on even though I am making strides at each point.  I guess I find it encouraging to know that I am getting somewhere even if the scenery never seems to change much. 

     I am making plans to head off to Nawlins’ for the Manic Mommies Escape in just a couple of days.  I am getting there courtesy of the very generous folks at Chevy.  Although they did not ask me to promote in exchange for transportation, I am going to.  Chevy has been a longtime sponsor of the Manic Mommies, and without the Manic Mommies, I do not know where I would be right now.  All of this to say that I am getting away from it all, and I am very grateful for a chance to refresh.  I even asked my friend to get a separate hotel room, because I can’t really refresh unless I have a king size bed to myself, the air blowing at max, and the ability to fall asleep in my food, book, or soap opera at any hour I deem appropriate.  So after my first taste of real Creole cooking, I should be restored and ready to get back to business next week. 

     I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween, with lots of ghouls and goodies.  I will be working until the damage is done.  Thanks to last week’s #Healthykids twitter Party, my kids only wanted to trick or treat so that they could exchange their loot for toys, and then take the loot to the dentist to be sent to the troops.  I only hope their costumes hold up long enough for me to get pictures when they get home.